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Sat, 17th Oct 4.00PM - 5.30PM

Sun, 18th Oct 11.00AM - 12.30PM

Dates & Location

Sat, 17th Oct 4.00PM - 5.30PM

Sun, 18th Oct 11.00AM - 12.30PM

Zoom Online

(The invite will be shared over mail 1 day prior to the event)

About the Event

Find your center no matter what’s happening around you and cultivate a sense of inner peace & calm. During this online workshop, you’ll learn ways to incorporate meditation into your life, through the theme of the mandala in all its forms. The workshop is designed to help you practice regular meditation, and experience guided meditations that involve “the center” or “the circle.” You’ll spend some time creating your own mandala by drawing (with markers or pencils) with a guided process that involves your deeper understanding of the art form and with objects that you can collect easily from stores or from your home. Learn lessons that the creative process and mandalas teach and walk away with tools to find peace in a stressful world.


About the Facilitators:

Dr. Reshma Sagari

Dr. Reshma is a Holistic Wellness Expert, Evangelist of a Natural Lifestyle & Founder of Rida Wellness. She was always fascinated and engaged in art since her early childhood days and started her meditation practice in 2015 as part of her spiritual journey. As part of emotional well-being in her patients, she engages them in art and meditative practices because meditative art really helps people express their emotions, be mindful & alleviate stress and anxiety of day to day life events while helping them bounce back!


Noopura Kinkar:

Noopura is Founder of Noops Art and a passionate artist by heart. She left her high profile corporate profile to pursue her dream and passion of art. She facilitates several workshops and conducts classes that help enthusiasts learn and evolve with art.

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