21 Wellness Tips for 2021

Well, it's safe to say that our wellness routine went in the drain this year. We had to cancel all our vacations and wellness routines because of the scathing pandemic that was forced upon us this year. Some of us even started doing yoga and meditation and dealt with all the stuff along the way. It is a fact that we all sacrificed our physical health this year, but a profound sense of pain and loss has left our mental health in a disarray.

For most of us, 2020 will always be about reminiscing about what we lost and how we take care of ourselves and our surroundings. Amid this chaos and a plethora of confusion, more and more tactics for accessible wellness experiences are emerging lately. Well, there is no doubt that next year is gonna bring a drastic change in our approach the way we see our mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being.

With the new year almost upon there, the time for reflection and introspection has come with it. We think about what went well, whatnot. We strive to be kinder, healthier, active, and love more. Every year we make new resolutions that we forget nearly every time. Well, it takes a lot of mental strength, discipline, and dedication to create the best version of yourself.

Treating illnesses might get complicated. But making wellness a lifestyle isn’t. Especially if we make it fun! Here is what we recommend to start your 2021 with to make it complete well-being for you:

1.Start your day with a cup of water-: Drink a warm glass of water every morning. Try to start your day by hydrating yourself. Ditch your cup of coffee and reach for a glass of water instead. Water helps in detoxifying your body, activates all the organs, and keeps you energized for the day.

2.Invest in annual checkups-: If you haven’t yet got your annual preventive check-up done, get it done! Some of the basic annual tests I would recommend are blood tests, thyroid tests, eye tests, etc. An annual blood test helps you in finding any ailments, weakness, or health problems that can be managed at an early stage. Try to continue the trend each year.

3.Meditation-: Meditate for 10 minutes daily. Meditation is a magical exercise. Try to give yourself at least 15 -20 every day without fail.

4.Plan your day-:Start your day with a plan. If you ask successful people about their morning routines, you will be amazed to know that they start their day with a plan of what to do. Each day a new task or learning is the key to your success.

5. Exercise -:Add 10 minutes of movement and exercise if not more every day. Humans are made for movement. Try to engage in strengthening your body not only from the outside but inside.

6. Have your bowl of greens-:Eat one serving of whole fruit or green veggies every day. Try to give yourself a good portion of vitamin C and A. Vitamins are vital for your health and help you in keeping disease-free.

7. Monitor yourself-:Track your fitness activities every day. There are several applications that can help you track a record of how well are you sticking to the plan of wellness and health.

8. Breathe -:Focus on your breathing. Breathe in and breathe out. Try doing some exercises for better breathing function.

9. Be alert-:Be mindful and alert to your surroundings.

10. Engage in a hobby-:Engage in a hobby for a few minutes every day. Try to find a new hobby which makes you happy. Learn something new every day.

11. Be kind-:Make an effort to be kind every day. Humans are social animals. Try to be empathetic to others more often. Do not indulge in unnecessary fights and quarrels.

12. Involve strength training-:Add 3 days of strength training or resistance building exercise to your schedule.

13. Drink a glass of water before a meal-:Drink a glass of water an hour before each meal. Your stomach is working tirelessly. Avoid overeating. If you have a glass of water before an hour of the meal, it will help you digest your meal properly and avoid acidity problems.

14. Have a balanced meal-:Be mindful of your meal portion. Your half-plate should contain fruits and veggies, a quarter of whole grains, and the balance quarter of protein

15.Lessen your screen time-:Take screen time off at least every alternate evening. We know that we can't negate you from using your gadgets. But try to lessen your screen time as much as you can.

16. Have a sound sleep-:Switch off your mobiles and laptops at least 2 hours before bedtime. The blue screen of the gadgets can be harmful to your eyes. It can cause irritation, headaches, and sleep deprivation.

17. Don't sleep with a heavy stomach -:Eat your dinner 2 hours before you hit the bed. Going to bed just after eating can cause serious problems for your stomach. If not that, it is the main cause of obesity. Try to eat small meals at night to avoid obesity.

18. Be grateful-:List at least 3 things you are grateful for before you go to bed. Since we all went through a role roster ride the past year, we all should learn to be more grateful for everything. Make a journal that entails all the things you are grateful of this year

19.Maintain a sleep cycle-:Go to bed at a fixed time and establish sleep hygiene. Learn to maintain a sleep cycle. Try to wake up without an alarm clock.

20. Sit straight-:Sit Straight on your work desk – don’t slouch. Keep a healthy posture to avoid backaches and other ailments.

21. Love yourself-:Every time you put yourself down with criticism, compliment yourself twice immediately!

Leading a healthy life and full of contentment is a purpose we should strive to achieve. But with such movements and distractions, it may seem like an impossible job. All we have to show is dedication, self-love, and strength to create the best version of ourselves.