The Principle

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About Us

We strive to be the best health care providers through the art of holistic health and wellbeing. Our team comprises doctors and experts that will help you find a permanent cure for all your sufferings so that you could live a long and happy life. We wish you all the best on your journey.

About Dr. Reshma

Dr. Reshma Sagari is a health expert who believes in a lifestyle that is inspired and curated by nature. She is a promoter of holistic lifestyle and wellness. Working as a healthcare practitioner for the last 15 years, she believes in treating her patients physically and emotionally. Her burning desire for Holistic health and wellness found its way as Rida Foundation and research center after the memory of her loving child Late Rida Ismail, which focuses on children born with congenital disabilities. She is a great mentor and has served as a jury on various start-ups across the country. She has also been a keynote speaker in reputed communities like Sheroes, and Smart works, where she inspired many through her intellect and healthcare expertise.

Her vision to reduce the morbidity due to congenital disabilities in children shapes quite well with Rida Wellness. She is a GP Birla Young Woman Fellow at Ananta Aspen Group. She has also served in leadership positions in various business organizations like the Startup leadership program and BNI Pune East.

The Philosophy

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Our Benovelence

We at Rida Wellness believe that a Holistic Lifestyle is a way of being. It’s a journey and not a destination. We follow a classical holistic approach, i.e., treating the individual and not only his symptoms. Our services will not only help you treat your illness but try to find the root of its causes.


We will try to alleviate all your suffering with your help and our expertise. We hope to help individuals and companies optimize to holistic, natural, and sustainable wellness.

Why Holistic Approach

We tend to separate lifestyle from health. When we think of fitness, only two things come into our mind-blowing eating healthy and exercise. The holistic approach opens the window to consider lifestyle choices that could not only help you alleviate your sufferings but heal us mentally and emotionally as well.

A holistic approach treats your body as a whole and not just the disease symptoms to find a long term solution for you to lead a long and healthy life. It focuses primarily on the root of the signs and how to prevent it. Holistic healthcare is taking care of all the aspects of your body-mind, body, and soul. It is about creating awareness. The more you understand holistic health, the more you know your body and lifestyle. After all, it's a personal thing. Do what you feel is right.

Upcoming Events & Workshops

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